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Core Five Football Tournament

Core Five hosted another instalment of the traditional Overs vs Unders tournament at Vauxhall Powerleague  on Friday 9th June. The competition pitted 3 teams, the Unders, the Mids and the Overs, against each other. The Overs were feeling confident of success and were looking to win a fourth trophy in a row. However it was not to be. After a 4 – 2 victory for the Overs against the Mids in the first game and a 7 – 0 thrashing in the second game for the Unders against the Mids, the Tournament came down to the final game. After a tense first half level, at 2 – 2, the Unders were triumphant by 2 goals to record a 4 – 2 victory to win the trophy for the first time. A good time was had by all during the afternoon and the achievement was celebrated with some well-deserved cold beers.


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