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Core Five’s 21 for 21 Project 15 Lucent W1 for Landsec

This fantastic scheme comprises demolition and deconstruction of the site, including heritage works while keeping the famous Piccadilly Lights screen and on-site tenants working day to day. The new scheme comprises a triple basement, 7 storey office, retail, residential and roof top restaurant, and 20 roof top terraces.

The building is highly sustainable, achieving BREEAM excellent, and utilising LTWH Air Source Heat Pumps that provide complimentary heating and take advantage of the decarbonisation of the National Grid. The scheme also takes advantage of the increased efficiency of the existing retail units through the application of a landlord condenser water loop.

Some of the other innovations being implemented to this busy site are modular roof sections, very sensitive heritage works,  pre-assembled steel framing, and offsite holding areas for all JIT deliveries.

Did you know?

The first electrical advertisements appeared at Piccadilly Circus in 1908, for Perrier water. Nowadays on a typical year over 100m people pass by the screens! Beyond this the new building is also celebrating the famous ‘Rainbow Corner’ on the corner of Denamn St and Shaftesbury Av which pays tribute to the troops who passed through its doors from 1942 to 1946 with a full building height decorative tile collage.

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