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Core Five’s 21 for 21 Project 19 – Nyt Hospital Nordsjælland for the Capital Region of Denmark, Hillerød Denmark

The Nyt Hospital Nordsjælland project is a pioneering new acute hospital built in Hillerød, Denmark, and is one of the most significant projects developed in Denmark for many years. The hospital is based on social, economic and environmental sustainability, providing high-quality fast diagnosis and treatment for all patients. The new hospital contains approximately 20 clinical departments and covers more than 310,000 citizens who were formerly divided between hospitals in three separate facilities. The hospital provides state of the art and effective services to patients, visitors and staff in an environment that is conducive to best practice inpatient care and treatment, education and research.

 Did you know?

Nyt Hospital Nordsjælland has been designed and procured in a collaborative BIM environment and has won the 2019 Danish Design Award for “Visionary Concepts” and the 2015 MIPIM Award for “Best Future Mega Project”

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